Live By FNP Media is a platform for both aspiring & established artists to showcase their talent in multiple disciplines of performing arts. An interesting mix of social media platforms, YouTube channel & live events, this is an opportunity that performing arts as a whole truly needs. Whether you’re a Poet, Storyteller, Actor or a Composer, as long as you’re passionate about your field, we’ll get the world to see your talent.


Today the demand for short format content is on the rise and we see more and more people lurking towards shorter format. We believe that of the content is strong then even a short format can leave an impact. At Films by FNP Media we make short format movies where we bring ideas, that have the power of changing the perception, to light


Media dominates the present world. Every minute, each one of us is consuming information from various mediums like never before. While this offers endless opportunities for media companies, it has also become enormously challenging to produce content that stands out. And nothing drives us more than a passion to conquer this huge challenge and produce some cutting edge work. Our team, with a shared love for creativity and laser sharp focus, makes sure the end result is nothing short of magical.


We bring a clean, bright, energetic and lively take on stories. Human nature and its storytelling is a unique thing…so many facets to explore…and FNP Media has the innocence of a child when it looks at the world. Everything is a curiosity… every facet of human life is a novelty. That creates a baggage free view to create and tell stories, free from the burden of trends, expectations and fads. Keeping this in mind, we are constantly collaborating with writers to create a library of content for sale… in web series to digital features, there’s a lot on the table.