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Media dominates the present world. Every minute, each one of us is consuming information from various mediums like never before. While this offers endless opportunities for media companies, it has also become enormously challenging to produce content that stands out.

Nothing drives us more than a passion to conquer this huge challenge and produce some cutting edge work. Our team, with a shared love for creativity and laser sharp focus, makes sure the end result is nothing short of magical.

How it all started

We are a venture of an already established brand – Ferns N Petals that has multiple subsidiaries and verticals. It now expands its horizon towards the digital content space.

Given the fact that FNP has been a part of peoples’ lives from birth to marriage and even death…the journey of human emotion has been experienced from very close quarters, and it was but natural to translate that understanding on screen.

Major Milestones

Launch of Kahi Unkahi

Kahi Unkahi, is a platform for both aspiring & established artists to showcase their talent in multiple disciplines of performing arts. It is an interesting mix of social media platforms, YouTube channel & live events.

Launch of Open Mic Platform

Open Mic Event – An open platform where we invite artists to perform poetry, muse and storytelling.

1st Jashn-e-Daastan Event

Jashan-e-dastan – An event where we celebrate poetry and poets.

Launch of Akar Bakar

Akar Bakar- A fun and entertainment channel where you find trending topics and new gossip as well.

2021 – Released our 27th Film

On September 17 2021, we released our 27th Short Film, Blind Love 2 and crossed 2 million+ views in less than 5 days on YouTube.

Blind Love 3

On October 14 2022,  Blind Love 3 crossed 2 million+ views in less than 10 days on YouTube.

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Got a question or a project to discuss with us? Get in touch with our experts today!

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