Starts from Rs.11,111/-

Experience the ultimate indulgence with our Luxury Pool Date with Floating Breakfast Package.

We arrange a beautiful private pool at an exclusive venue, complete with a sumptuous floating breakfast spread featuring gourmet delicacies and sparkling beverages. Relax and unwind as you soak in the tranquil ambiance, sharing a unique and memorable experience with your partner.

We create a serene and romantic setting for you and your loved one to enjoy a leisurely morning together.

Starts from Rs.11,111/-

Embrace the magic of nature with our Luxury Date under a Tree Package. We will create an enchanting outdoor setting for you and your loved one to enjoy a romantic rendezvous beneath a majestic tree.

We expertly transform the location with twinkling fairy lights, elegant drapery, and a cozy picnic setup featuring plush cushions and a gourmet picnic basket filled with delectable treats.

Lose yourselves in the enchanting atmosphere as you share intimate conversations and create lasting memories.

Starts from Rs.11,111/-

Immerse yourselves in a dazzling night of elegance and romance with our Luxury Glasshouse Ball Night Package.

We create an unforgettable experience for you and your loved one within a stunning glasshouse venue, adorned with opulent decor, crystal chandeliers, and exquisite floral arrangements.

Our team will curate a lavish evening, complete with a sumptuous dinner, live music or a DJ, and professional dance instructors to help you glide across the dance floor. Experience a fairy tale evening, making memories that you’ll treasure forever.



Enchanting proposal at Udman, Greater Noida


“An unforgettable, magical moment!”
Rahul surprised Simran with a fairy tale proposal at Udman’s lush gardens, featuring fairy lights, roses, and a floral canopy.

Simran’s response? “A cherished memory I’ll always treasure!”



Anniversary date night under the stars

“An enchanting and unforgettable experience!”

For their 10th anniversary, Soumya wanted to surprise her spouse, Aakash, with a romantic evening they’d always cherish. We arranged an intimate rooftop dinner, complete with twinkling lights and a live violinist. Aakash’s’s reaction?

“A night that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.”



A birthday bash to remember

“Absolutely astonishing and heartwarming!”
Shakshi’s husband, Rahul, wanted to give her a surprise birthday celebration that she’d never forget. Our team organized an exquisite garden party with all her loved ones, creating a magical atmosphere filled with laughter and love. Shakshi’s reaction?

“The best birthday of my life! “


If all your little dream elements were possible, how would you really celebrate your occasion?
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