Creativity takes Courage.”

Our Process

A Welcoming Approach

If you’re a Poet, Storyteller, Scriptwriter, Film writer, Actor or a Composer and passionate about your field, we don’t care whether you’re a beginner or peaking your career. We provide an interesting mix of social media platforms, YouTube Channel & Live Events, to showcase your talent to the world.

Team Architecture

We help build and coordinate the artist’s team, made up of separate resources working on different streams within the industry. This results in striking the balance required to showcase their art in the most beautiful manner. We make this process totally seamless by perfectly aligning all resources required during content production.

Artistic Direction

Sometimes it can be extremely hard for an artists to ignore the fear of failure and pursue creative goals. We help our associates by mentoring them in identifying their core strengths, providing them with related technical support along with a well established platform to represent their art.

Why Choose Us?

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Our team generates ideas or behaviors that are a perfect blend of contemporary & unique and these would make a positive contribution to your target audience’s lives.

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Rich Technical Experience 

 Technical expertise in modern day equipment and tools is a major strength of team that helps in developing custom solutions to meet an individual’s or organization’s unique needs.

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Brand Strength

We keep our spirits high by focusing on building a positive customer price perception, sharing the values of our parent organization, and associating it with the best quality on the market.

Consistent Growth

Consistent Growth in our ventures on Digital Media platforms has enabled us with the ability to see what is fair and equitable to others. We are very mindful of how our associates are being positioned, whether fairly or unfairly.

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Strong Leadership

Our leadership consists of well established Entrepreneurs and individuals with diverse experience of the media industry. They formulate plans in accordance to mapping out ways in which they can use, improve, and maximize positive results.

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In-House Talent Management 

With Films by FNP Media & Live by FNP Media, we bring forward well-established pre-existing talent management verticals of our own – to nurture, promote and provide a platform to rising talent.


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