Congratulations: Vikaas Gutgutia’s FNP Media gets the silver button

Vikaas Gutgutia started FNP Media, an exclusive platform for short films, with a lot of hope and courage. After tasting success with initiatives like Fern N Petals, Cakes and More, among others, he entered the world of showbiz with FNP Media. And, it seems his efforts and the hard work that his team has been putting in is taking the company to new heights. Recently, FNP media got the silver button from YouTube and Vikaas sounds super excited about this milestone.

“It was possible because of the support of our subscribers and the quality content that we try to put up on the platform. I would like to thank all our content creators and the entire FNP Media team for their hard work and dedication. The encouragement of our lovely fans has gotten us closer to the Golden Play Button and we see it as a stepping stone of a very long journey ahead,” he says.

Since FNP is targeting a niche audience with exclusive content in the short film format, there are many things that the organization is planning to do in future.

“Our first and foremost focus has always been content. Quality content is crucial to the success of any such platform. Our aspiration is to become a platform that offers varied genres of good content to viewers, leaving the viewer hungry for more. We have a great variety of things in the pipeline. As far as films are concerned we have recently wrapped up the shoot of Blind Love 2.0. The overwhelming response that we received around the first part of Blind Love led us to produce the second part of the film. We are hoping to release it soon,” he reveals.

On the possibility of making full-fledged features or web series for the viewers, Vikaas says that FNP Media is a content company and production house which is at a very budding stage.

“We hope to set foot first in this category before plunging into something else. Though there is a lot happening, we would like to be slow and steady and focus on our core at the moment. As far as web series are concerned, yes, we are planning to, but since our focus is on short format storytelling we are currently exploring quick series or mini-series. We might do a full-fledged web series later. As I said, we have a lot on the cards and would like to take it slow as of now,” he adds.

Sharing his opinion about the OTT trends that he has observed, Vikas says, “OTT as an industry has grown double-fold in the last few years and is growing by leaps and bounds. While there are a lot of trends that are booming, we have noticed and researched the type of content that is being consumed by viewers, as it stands very relevant to us. If you see the current trend, every major OTT has picked up a few genres which work for them and gives them great viewership and they try to focus on building content around that. So yes, we can say the viewers are getting smarter and focused on consuming the content.”

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