Not All Stories Are Fictional, Some Are Absolutely Real and Alive

The world is but an expression of our thoughts and feelings and what better way to express them than weaving into words of poetry and stories, in order to touch hearts and connect with the readers at a deeper level. The various online communities encouraging mutual sharing of thoughts and expressions along with exploring new avenues are increasingly thriving on creative inputs by fellow contributors.

The digital platform is now the face of every individual who posts there. It is the online space which caters to the emotions of the audiences by connecting them to each other and helping them network and expand their circle both on the professional front as well as personal front. While on one hand the various artists get to showcase their talent in different genres, there are writers who weave the magic of words in their online kahaniya and in the poetry community.

Taking each other through this journey of human emotions, FNP media is an expansive platform to translate the emotions on the screen and help engage thousands of audiences. Ranging from the creative genres of spoken word poetry, to poetry SI, and various other forms of expressions, it is a one-stop platform where people connect and associate with each other to share their daily learnings, thoughts and viewpoints.

Genres like self-help, everyday life lessons, love, romance, relationships, and emotions along with dreams and aspirations, you name it and the platform has it, making it the suitable hangout place of like minded people, who are not ready to settle for anything less than the best. They are not only ambitious but are also willing to stretch themselves and have a totally adventurous experience to enjoy the time of their life.

They are the people who always look at the silver lining in the darkest of clouds but at the same time are willing to share their vulnerabilities for inspiring others. From everyday anxiety in personal and professional lives to short stories on love and relationships or broken heart, the after effects of  the corona virus pandemic and lockdown along with the global economic slowdown, the life of the loved ones left behind when a person passes away, the inspiration that victims of acid attacks are spreading across the country, how educating sons in the family about correct behaviour and respect for women is the need of today’s Indian patriarchal society, college days and memories of the annual fests, domestic violence and the cause of women’s rights – all are the burning issues in the society which the people at large are worried about and are contributing in their own ways to make an impact and leave a strong message for the authorities as well as the culprits to come.

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