Rajesh Sharma, Supriya Shukla, Pranav Sachdev starrer short film Almariyaan explores class divide & queerness

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Rajesh Sharma and Supriya Shukla are among the most popular and highly talented actors in the television industry. They have been part of numerous famous and successful television daily soaps. The duo has come together for the short film named ‘Almariyaan’, which is based on a middle-class family. The film is directed by Jiya Bhardwaj and offers a new take on a middle-class life. 

The movie is based on a family where the parents drop hints to their son that they know he is gay and that they are okay with it. 

The actor Rajesh Sharma plays the role of a father in the film. He shared, “When we say ‘Almariyaan’, then in a almari there are lots of shelves. We use them to keep different stuffs, similarly in our life we also have a almari with shelves and we keep our feelings in them. I feel the title was perfect for the film. I was intrigued by the title, but I had some idea what it will be about.”

He further said, “If you see in today’s times parents are busy with their work, their lifestyle is such that both husband and wife need to work. Kids feel neglected and can’t speak about their needs to their parents, so they share it with their friends. That’s why their friends become more important to them than their parents. Now friends can’t always give them the right advice. It’s only their parents who can guide them properly and give them the right advice. So I feel parents today should interact more with their children.”

He also talked about the LGBTQ community as he said that the society will take some time but it will accept the community. He said, “There was a time in the 80’s-90’s when girls in villages were not allowed to wear pants and tops, they could only wear salwar suit or sarees. But now when I travel for work, I see girls in villages also wearing jeans and tops and this has been accepted by their families and society. So I feel the same way society will accept the LGBTQ community too.”

Famous TV and movies actress Supriya plays the role of Rajesh’s wife. The duo has worked together for the third time and he shared about his bond with the actress. He said, “Yes, it does happen. When you are working together you do recognise the actor, and you start to understand the person a little bit more. I’m not saying that you completely know the person but you do understand a little bit and there’s this comfort zone which gets created.”

Talking about the actor playing the son’s role, he said, “He is a great guy. He is very practical and knows how to put his point across.”

The actor also talked about working with this production house, he said, “For an artist payment issue is a big thing, and here we were paid well and on time. All went well. On a serious note, the people were good, and working with good people always feels good. I always try that the director shouldn’t be a big name but he or she should be a good human being and a good soul, and here I got that.”

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