Shagun Pandey reveals his love for short film genre

shagun pandey fnp media

Actor Shagun Pandey, who is part of the short film “Blind Love”, says while it was tough to take time out of his busy schedule to shoot for the film, he is glad he did it.

“I love the short film genre. It allows you to explore so much as an actor in a short period of time. This was my first attempt to do a short film and my director Prradip Khairwar convinced me to take this up. I first met him when I was shooting a music video for Guru Randhawa. Pradeep sir was there in the creative team. He asked me for my time and then I got busy with ‘Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye’, my TV show. Somehow, I managed the time and we shot in Shimla for two days and wrapped this up,” he told IANS.

The film also stars Aalisha Panwar. Talking about the equation he shares with her, Shagun says: “Aalisha is a very happy and energetic personality and so am I, and our director. I have always believed that genuine emotions always gets portrayed on screen. Aalisha and I are both from Chandigarh and I used to work as a coordinator so I have taken her auditions in the past. We knew each other since then.”

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